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The Christmas tree

On a Christmas Eve more than three quarters of a century ago, two young children waited for a humble holiday. World War II was raging around the globe. Even in coastal Alabama, far from the fighting, the ingredients for festivities … Continue reading

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Buffalo don’t roam, but we have alligators

I don’t recall where we were or the exact year, but I remember the commotion. People ran from the water and pointed toward what appeared to be a floating log. I couldn’t see too well. My parents made certain that … Continue reading

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Assault of laughter is a powerful force

In 20-some-odd (including some really odd) years of newspapering, I ran into a few situations where people were not happy with what I wrote. Sometimes they called me to politely express their disagreement. Sometimes they complained to my superiors. A … Continue reading

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Not thankful for ‘Gray Thursday’

It used to seem like a joke. As we watched the post-Thanksgiving marketing expand, I once quipped that the time would come that the November holiday would one day become “Black Friday Eve.” In a grim sort of way, it … Continue reading

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Cold weather means it’s time for spring break

The azaleas are still blooming. The scent of wisteria drifts on the breeze and when I stepped outside this morning, the temperature was in the low 30s. This can only mean one thing on the Alabama Gulf Coast. It’s time … Continue reading

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Best friends know us better than we think

In a mystery, what’s one sign that you’re dealing with an intelligent and savvy suspect? The thought came up as I read a report in which a man was shot in the leg while driving near Sebring, Fla. The victim … Continue reading

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Where is real home of American Mardi Gras?

Long ago, a group of Gulf Coast residents looked out on a bleak winter day and decided it was time for a celebration. They popped a few corks, tuned up the instruments, gathered in front of their crude cabins and … Continue reading

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What next after ‘Mayapocalypse’

Today marks the conclusion of the 13th Baktun. This means the end of the cycle of the Mayan calendar that started 5,126 years ago and some are worried, the world. Happy New Year! The good news is that the sun … Continue reading

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More share experience, understanding and risk

The temptation to be smug can be hard to resist. Sandy was just supposed to be a “Cat 1,” at worst, barely a hurricane. Before the storm made landfall, however, reports in the national media gave the impression that New … Continue reading

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Shrimp Festival volunteers serve up community spirit

Music drifted down from the stage to the north, while the Gulf breeze carried competing scents of seafood and other delicacies up from the beach. We were in between, under the canopy on the east side of Gulf Shores public … Continue reading

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