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The Christmas tree

On a Christmas Eve more than three quarters of a century ago, two young children waited for a humble holiday. World War II was raging around the globe. Even in coastal Alabama, far from the fighting, the ingredients for festivities … Continue reading

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Buffalo don’t roam, but we have alligators

I don’t recall where we were or the exact year, but I remember the commotion. People ran from the water and pointed toward what appeared to be a floating log. I couldn’t see too well. My parents made certain that … Continue reading

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Assault of laughter is a powerful force

In 20-some-odd (including some really odd) years of newspapering, I ran into a few situations where people were not happy with what I wrote. Sometimes they called me to politely express their disagreement. Sometimes they complained to my superiors. A … Continue reading

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Not thankful for ‘Gray Thursday’

It used to seem like a joke. As we watched the post-Thanksgiving marketing expand, I once quipped that the time would come that the November holiday would one day become “Black Friday Eve.” In a grim sort of way, it … Continue reading

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Cold weather means it’s time for spring break

The azaleas are still blooming. The scent of wisteria drifts on the breeze and when I stepped outside this morning, the temperature was in the low 30s. This can only mean one thing on the Alabama Gulf Coast. It’s time … Continue reading

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Best friends know us better than we think

In a mystery, what’s one sign that you’re dealing with an intelligent and savvy suspect? The thought came up as I read a report in which a man was shot in the leg while driving near Sebring, Fla. The victim … Continue reading

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Where is real home of American Mardi Gras?

Long ago, a group of Gulf Coast residents looked out on a bleak winter day and decided it was time for a celebration. They popped a few corks, tuned up the instruments, gathered in front of their crude cabins and … Continue reading

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