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What next after ‘Mayapocalypse’

Today marks the conclusion of the 13th Baktun. This means the end of the cycle of the Mayan calendar that started 5,126 years ago and some are worried, the world. Happy New Year! The good news is that the sun … Continue reading

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More share experience, understanding and risk

The temptation to be smug can be hard to resist. Sandy was just supposed to be a “Cat 1,” at worst, barely a hurricane. Before the storm made landfall, however, reports in the national media gave the impression that New … Continue reading

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Shrimp Festival volunteers serve up community spirit

Music drifted down from the stage to the north, while the Gulf breeze carried competing scents of seafood and other delicacies up from the beach. We were in between, under the canopy on the east side of Gulf Shores public … Continue reading

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Persimmon picking time

The tree didn’t stand out to me as we walked back to the car. Looking scrubby and neglected, it could have been any kind of small tree standing in the overgrown neutral ground of what had been planned as a … Continue reading

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